juggling with life…

fotolia_60042334Imagine life as a game where you juggle with five balls. Just name them: Work-Family-Health-Friend and Spirit. Very soon you understand that work is a caoutchouc ball, it always bounces when it falls down; but the others (health, family, friends, and spirit) are glass balls. If one of them falls down, surely it will stay there, broken and destroyed. It will never be the same. You must understand this and be vigilant to keep the balance straight among each aspect of your life, instead of being focus only on Work (the caoutchouc ball).

How can we then keep the balance straight?

  • Don’t under-estimate your value by comparing yourself to others. It is our differences that make special.
  • Don’t set your goals based on what people judge important. You are the only person who knows what is important for you.
  • Don’t take for granted things that are much closed to your heart; hang on them as if your life depends on them.
  • Don’t waste your life by living in the past or in the future; by living a day, you are living all the days of your life.
  • Don’t give up when you still breathe, nothing is lose when you keep on trying.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit that you are not perfect. We are link ones to others by the fragile thread of our imperfection.
  • Don’t be afraid of risks; taking risks is the best way to become brave.
  • Don’t take Love away from your life by saying that it is impossible to be found. The fastest way to receive Love is to give it.
  • Don’t run through life so fast that you forget where you come from and where you are going to.
  • Don’t forget to feel and appreciate, appreciation is the greatest emotional need of a person.
  • Don’t be afraid to learn, knowledge doesn’t weigh; it is a treasure that can be taken everywhere you go.
  • Be careful, don’t waste time and words, none of them can be get back.

Life is not a race; it is a wonderful trip to enjoy step by step.

Yesterday is a story,

Tomorrow is a mystery,

Today is a gift, that’s why we call it the “present”.

This text is adapted from a speech that has been given by Brian DYON, PGD of Coca cola’s Firm during a meeting at an American University in December 6th, 1991.


When I read the Speech of Mister Brian DYON, I understand better Life. However, this appears to be just a little part of the Truth, the Quintessence of life. According to his conception of life as a game where we juggle with work, health, family, friends and Spirit, the remark is that we don’t use properly our time to keep the balance straight in our life. We use to focus ourselves on the caoutchouc ball, it take more than 95% of our time. We are driven by the fact that we need money, again and again; even when we have it, we want it more. Some of us work so hardly that they forget about their families, come home very late and leave very soon at dawn. Some others live very far from their families because of their jobs. We don’t really care much about our families, even though we believe that everything we do is for them. We keep on breaking down this glass ball every day. What about Friends? It seems not better, usually, we call a friend when we need something from him. May be once a month, a year or just once in a lifetime. We don’t care about friendship meetings as we care about work meetings; but it is more difficult to find a friend when we lost one than find a job. Actually, they cannot be compare to each other! To illustrate our attitude concerning our health, I’m just going to take the case of foods, we don’t really care about when we eat, what we eat, and how we eat. We don’t make time for it. Some of us are so busy working that they forget to eat. They don’t have time for physical exercises, accelerating their death by so doing every day they. The spirit aspect is the most forgotten; people use to go to spiritual meeting (church for instance) once a week and they are done. Let me say that even to that meeting most are not really present; while there, their minds are elsewhere.

According to all this, it is clear that we misused our time; we have to do something to set-up our life. We need a better time management to keep the balance straight in order to have effectively a life. Work is important, but Family, Friends, Health and Spirit are more important. We have to care about what we eat, when we eat and how we need to eat to stay alive to work. We have to care about our family, which is the main reason we are working. Caring about our friends is necessary to make sure that there is someone to hold our hand in need. We need each other as human being.

In short, the only way to enjoy our life is to give more value to Human than materials!

Can you remember the last time that you sincerely feel Joyful? The most joyful moments of your life? If you do, I am sure you realize that it was certainly with your family, your friends, a spiritual feeling or a healthy experience of your body. I am tempted to bet that it was rarely during an excessive work!

Every day can be the last of our life, just look around, you will get what I mean. This is just the beginning of the TRUTH; there is more than you can imagine.

I wish you all the best; may God bless you

“The TRUTH is so simple that we need time and desire to know and to live it!”




I am delighted to write these few words today; and i am grateful for the time that you are taking to read them. I have a gift for you:

“Our deepen fear is not that we are inadequate,

Our deepen fear is that we are powerful beyond measure;

We ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us;

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

I don’t know  exactely the author of this speech; I took from a movie that i watched several times: AKEELAH. those words smell the truth all over. Fear inhibits our advancement in life. The use of our creative power involves courage, patience, love, faith and responsibilities. It take time to realize this, it took me 27 years to understand this; I hope that it will take less time to practice it thoroughly. I intend, from now going on, to bring my humble contribution in building the path for a better Benin, a better Africa, through my publications on this blog. I must acknowledge that i have been inspired by the very young, but extremely creative and ambitious Mylène Flicka from the Republic of Benin. I believe, when such a person takes the initiative to move her country and the continent to the next level, the less that we can do is to hold her hand, and walk through the same road. i hereby invite, every person who cares about this African continent, to take a stand and make something great of this opportunity giving to us. We belong to a generation which has a huge responsability in moving Africa forwards because we have what it takes to do so. whether we accomplish our mission or not, it depends not only on each of us, but all us.

I express my best regards to my senior in this task, i encourage my fellow citizens of Africa to do something to improve our motherland wherever the find themselves.

Thanks for reading; God bless you!