Drawbacks from teachers on strike.

20702097.jpgTeachers’ relevance in the society is more than an evidence; it’s undeniable. They are the potters, the architects of the society. And, one of the biggest crisis in Benin for the past five years, still ongoing, is the teachers on strike.

We all admitted that “knowledge is power”. A teacher is someone whose job is to give knowledge in a school or a college. But deeper than that, we are all teachers, because we pass on knowledge to people, consciously or unconsciously.

To strike is considered as to stop work, to refuse to continue working because of an argument with an employer about working conditions, pay levels or job losses.

Talking about drawbacks from teachers on strike, is to elaborate on the disadvantages of teachers’ decision to stop working. The consequences appear to be very harmful for the students, the parents, and the nation. To get my point across, I will give you a taste of each category of drawbacks mentioned earlier on.

Firstly, a teacher to be on strike, is like having your parents, when you are a kid, decide to stop taking their responsibilities, your life turns upset down, I mean, you seem condemned to fail and suffer, until a saviour appears from nowhere to take the lead. But in this social context, there is no other saviour than you and i. let’s now have a look at these consequences:

For the students,

Having teachers on strikeimages-4.jpg when they are prepared to study hard for the academic year, make it very nasty to study. The motivation gets out, some of them easely drop out of school, many just have their study level corrupted, the result is not far from what we have at the end of our national exams, year after year, it’s getting worst.

For the parents,

The financial lost is terrible, they spend huge money to have their children in school, when the children stay home and resume later they need home teachers to assist them, sometimes the parents are forced to take their kids to private schools where school fees are always increasing. Actually parents pay a heavy price to get their children educated, and it is quite unfortunate when they have to fail the final exams. If things move ahead just like this, it will be a time that the average citizen will not be able to get his child educated.

For the nation,

The financial lost is worst, billions of our contribution are invested every year in our educational programs, when teachers go on strike, obviously it affect the normal process of things, but the money will not come back to us, it will be a pure and simple lost, and another one will be allocated for the following year, meanwhile no benefits came out from the previous one. in 2014, for a national budget of more than thousand billions CFA, 23% ( around 230 billions), was invested into the education process. and, every year this amount increases.

images-5.jpgThe youth are said to be less skilled for the jobs available, how can they be skilled if they spend most of the time home during academic year, and finally get lucky enough to succeed to their exams? Are they to blame?

The Nation is in an increasing lack of knowledge state. Our image on the international is getting seriously affected. As written in the Bible, i feel like saying “my people are dying due to the lack of knowledge”.

The funniest part is that, the same teachers are teaching in the various private schools which are making education inaccessible for the majority of the people in this country.

A friend of mine told me some time ago that teachers’ representative council members enjoy this situation every year because, they always get some cash from the government, what makes them to decide to save the year every time.  by doing so, making their friends from the private sector also confortable. I don’t want to believe that, but everything drives me to considered this version.

every nation that is known in the world for being a great one took the educational sector with more than seriousness; it has been the first and most important priority. Moving from the US, France, Germany, passing by China, Singapor, Brazil, Ghana and kenya; Education has been, and still a priority, not only for the government, but above all for the people, for the teachers.

My question is, “where is the passion to teach? how can a teacher stay a week without teaching? why are so reluctant to solve the issue one for all? who to we commit our own genocide?”

Teachers must think about changing their strategies, for five years now they have been going on strike, killing slowly, but surely the next generation. It is highly to find a strategy less harmful, or not continuously harmful to our nation.

“Education is the silver bullet to improve this Nation’s standing worldwide… and our teachers know that!” Solomon Ortiz.





Why does God not answer our prayers the way we want it?

        Talking about God is like preparing oneself to explore the universe, maybe  a life time will allow you just to explore a continent on earth if your start as a baby. The point here is simple: it’s highly difficult to pretend to know God.

however, it very simple and easy to understand God, and that is why very few people seems to understand Him. The person created by the society is used so much to complexity that anything that is simple appears to extremely difficult.

No matter the religion and the people, prayer is the common way  used to communicate our needs to God. every prayer sent to God carries a specific need that the believer wishes to satisfy. Unfortunately, it happens that many believers blame God of not answering their prayers, and if He does, not the way the want it.  The question why does God not answer our prayers the way we want it, is a polemical one, which might have several explanation. Here are the humble observation and analysis i bring to you:

the question make it clear the fact that God seems to answer always our prayers. But the issue is the inadequacy of those answers according to what we believe to have asked. Therefore the point is what do we really ask? and what do we really get?

Mister Rafiou Lasisi, during his speech at the Toastmasters  International division B Humoristic Speech Contest, 31 October 2015, said “when you are not direct in your prayers, He is not direct in His answers, that’s the way it is”. A lot can be understood from this sentence where i seem to have all i need to give my opinion.

Thus, most of the time we don’t actually ask what we want, we rather request the global idea of it, or sometime the opposite. Asking does not reside only in the words we pronounce, but also in our attitude. So, what usually happen is the lack of precision in the words used and the attitude adopted to ask. For instance, a student preparing himself for the BECE exam in a school where every student must pass his or her medical exam before being allow to sit for the BECE prayed as follows “Father help pass the school exam this year! i beg you!”. Then he makes no much efforts to learn the required courses giving by the teachers and, he is allowed after the medical exam to sit for the BECE that he failed to pass, decided to blame God. A closer look at this reveals that God clearly answered exactly what the student asked. The student passed the School medical exam. He confirmed his intention to failed the BECE by not  giving much efforts to learn his or her notes. Even if the efforts, were made, the lack of harmony between what is said and what is done, constitute stumbling block for receiving what we want from God.

       Every one should take the time to define with precision what is desired, what are the appropriate words to require it, and what is the attitude that fit such a request. In that way, there is no way to get from God what you don’t want.  If the harmony we are talking about here is met and you still believe that God’s answer is not what you want, then, with all due respect, i must tell you that you failed to identify physically what you want spiritually. Maybe you just need to give it a little more time, to get final shape that you are focused on. Why? “That is the way it is”; Albert Einstein said “God does not play the dice”!