Why is RFI “persona non grata” for the rest of the elections’ process in DR Congo?

The DRC government faithful to its line of conduct was not deprived of withdrawing the accreditation of the RFI correspondent in the country, Florence Morice, and found it useful to cut down the radio’s broadcasting accusing it of allowing communication on the results tendencies information that could lead to create turmoil in the country. The first question that comes to mind is whether this government is empowered to make such a decision and what could be the reasons That brought to that?

The DRC government once again is acting within the limits of its prerogatives. the government is absolutely free to give or withdraw accreditation to any person and authorize or not the broadcast of any media institution, especially when it considers that it is a matter of national security and maintenance of public order. Moreover, the government is the only one who can determine on the basis of information available all that constitutes a threat to the security and stability of country. This is proper to most countries in the world, not just for the DRC. Seen from this angle, withdrawing the accreditation followed by cutting down the Internet is quite understandable.

it should be noted that since the very beginning of this election process and the refusal of the DRC to receive the help of the international community in the organization of these elections and the last postponements, several discussions on RFI have not hidden the doubt about the inability of the DRC to organize credible elections. the use of a term like “chaotic elections” does not seem at all neutral in the communication approach. these elements, even if carried out with the utmost professionalism, are not likely to encourage the probable efforts made by the Congolese government in satisfying a thirst for democratic transition that has tormented its people for about two years. these elements and many others that we do not necessarily have access to may have motivated the DRC to adopt this attitude which is not at all new with respect to RFI, which is probably perceived as an “instrument” of the international community by Kinshasa.

However, this attitude can be perceived as a hindrance to freedom of expression and an unfriendly and transparency free attempt to manage the electoral period, especially if the shutdown of the internet for almost a week now in the DRC is added to this.

between the idea of a preventive measure to maintain national security, public order and the deprivation of freedom of expression, it must be said that scientifically national security and law enforcement are perceived as non-negotiable and have priority when it comes to states’ decision-making process. which could technically explain this decision-making. It could also be said that despite the administrative will of President Kabila who is no more candidate, the efforts of the CENI, the unsuccessful attempt to come together of the Congolese opposition parties, it seems that the “international community” is making efforts to take down any idea of credible presidential elections in DRC. In the whole story, the Congolese people remain the only true victims of this situation. They will have to exercise utmost maturity so as not to be dragged into Violence .




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