The Government “shutdown” in the US: what is the way forward?

A government shutdown puting about 400.000 thousands workers over 800.000 on a forloughs mode. This is a critical situation that definitely will affect millions of people in the country if we take into consideration the fact that each of the workers victims belongs to a household made of at least 3 people. That is definitely huge. But the worrying aspect is the probability to see the situation last for quite a long time looking at the vim of the Congress and President Trump on this very matter of funding the building of the Mexican and US Border wall. It is extremely relevant for President Trump to secure 5.6 billions US dollars to build that wall which is a key point on his Agenda. Definitely he will be willing to wrestle till he gets what he wants, but the question is “what about the will american people expressed by the Congress’ position? Does it matter for the president’s agenda?”.

To answer this question of the American people’s will on the subject it is important to go back to the elections process in the US, especially the voting system. It is clear that the right way to go for a leader is to do the will of the people that have elected him/her. It was obvious looking at the campaign period that led President Trump into office that most of the citizens of the US were not directly interested into having him as the US president, but the voting system in the US seems to not make the citizens will directly expressive and relevant when it comes electing the President of the US. It is up too some specific people to express the will of the people directly, making therefore the Will of these electors extremely relevant for whoever wants to access the white House. This impressive elections system, if indeed it is established undoubtedly that “the popular vote” did not want President Trump, has exposed its failure to faithfully express the essence of Democracy which is the soly Will of the people. It is not therefore President Trump who is directly going against the will of the American people, but rather the american system that appears to need a certain revision to keep its democracy updated to evolving environment of politics in the country.

Looking at it from that angle, it is understandable and quite comprehensive to hear President Trump insisting on the fact that he is faithfully carrying out the will of the american people. Let us be mindful of the fact that he was voted into power defying many experts analysis and pools on the tendencies at the time. Trumpfolicy appears to not be only a unique foreign policy initiative for it appears to redifine the domestic policy as well. However, the sustainability of such an “extremely unpopular” way of conducting the state business is something that every international affairs analysts will be willing to observe and appreciate. Traditionally one is tempted based on the scientific approach to assert that such a management style is doomed to die with the departure of President Trump. However, looking at the “domino effect” that is being produced in many other countries, adopting a more national approach to leadership and having socialists taking over states’ management, it won’t be a surprise to have such a management style last more that it seems to be capable of.

The way forward for this Government shutdown which is not at all in the interest of the government and the people could be perceived as follow:

1-President Trump in his “Piss you off and get you back strategy” might definitely get the funds to build the wall after some negotiations with the congress. Altough it appears that it is not beneficial for the people to pay for the wall that they seem to not even want looking at the economical and professional usefulness of the trafic at that very US and Mexico border. For some tendencies revealed about 50 billions US dollars generated by the border frequently and about 500 millions people trafic on a daily basis. That is not to be underestimated.

2- The second way could be an amazing move of President Trump who probably understands that he is the President of all the american people and that Congress expresses the best the people’s wishes and let go his commitment to build the wall. That might cost him the trust of the people that voted him into power and show up a more sensitive part of him that seems to not exist so far. The outcome of such a decision is difficult to analyse as well but definitely will be appreciated by many citizens and could be useful to President Trump in the future.

Looking the very purpose of leadership and democracy highly enshrined in the constitution of the United states of America as well in many constitutions in the world, which is That ” we lead for the people as in The citizens, and shall taken their will into consideration while protecting humanity. It is not matured to push away the “will” of the people when it is clearly identified even if that will appears to be a huge mistake according to leader.” It is wise at certain point of leadership to allow the people to do their mistakes especially if this is going to help to avoid frustrations. Nobody as a scientist could be able to forsee with exactitude the level on ongoing protest in France which is the result of several years of ongoing frustrations that were not appropriately addressed by the leadership. The recent events full of frustrations therefore exposed the government to the current unstable situation of the country. This is to draw the attention of President Trump, and the american on the risk that is being taking looking at the recent sets of decisions especially since the arrival of the sitting republican President. The people seem to frustrated regularly, and the accumulation of such feelings is an open door to revolt that could be devastated and take down things that have taken centuries to be built. The second option could extremely beneficial to the Government and that people. It will prevent eventual escalation and slow down the pressure that seems quite high now in the US. However, President is not likely to move for option two base on the consistency he has demonstrated on achieving his agenda. This does not shadow the ability of the leader to surprise his environment.

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