France and “gilets jaunes”

Are we close to radicalization?

For several weeks now France has been increasingly affected by a strong and vivid movement of Protestants called “Gilet’s Jaunes”. From a peaceful movement protesting against economic challenges due to policies put in place by the Government to a “violent mainstream ” movement a lot has happened and is still happening in the land of human rights. This intriguing situation calls for peculiar analysis of what is really going on, leading some experts to wonder if this has not just turned into a radical movement on its way to violent extremism. Are we facing a radicalization of the Yellow Jackets (Gilets Jaunes) ?

One of the hypothesized root causes of violent extremism is “transforming grievances into violent actions”. Such a process is fueled by some personal and societal factors according to experts. Michael Downing, deputy chief of the Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), refers to lack of identity, vulnerabilities, lack of attachment, and lack of societal inclusion. Thus, other experts identified broad systemic factors such as lack of socioeconomic opportunities, marginalization and discrimination, poor governance, violations of human rights and the rule of law, prolonged and unresolved conflicts. The list is not exhaustive for the discussion is ongoing in academia.

Referring to some of the above factors one is definitely tempted to identify the current situation in France as being favorable to radicalization and probably violent extremism. A close scrutiny of the situation could reveal some lack of societal inclusion, lack of socioeconomic opportunities, “poor governance” (according to the Yellow Jackets), and the existence of a prolonged and unresolved conflict between the street (Protestants) and the Government. It is therefore comprehensive that the attention is on the high probability to witness a radicalization of the “Gilets Jaunes” movement in France.

View from the Government angle, elements such as the normalization of violence throughout the protests, the revolutionary speeches, the clear intention of the Protestants to take down the Macron’s regime, are perceived as indicators of radicalization of the movement. Important infrastructures have been destroyed as well as businesses making the Government believe that they actors are focused more on hurting the Nation that building it up.

The above analysis provides facts that allow to conclude that if the “Gilets Jaunes” are not yet radicalised, they are pretty far from it. The current social and economical context in France is linked to more severe crisis such as the “Euro” crisis, the CFA crisis, and a certain identity crisis between the people and the leadership. Each of the crisis above is full of ramifications and must be tackled appropriately to find a solution that could prevent France to face violent extremism. It the latter occurs it will affect the entire European Union which currently under significant pressure. The first issue to tackle in France is the identity. The distance between the leadership and the people must be reduced in order to get the needed stability to handle the two other crisis that might help fixing the critical economic situation in France upon which most of the Protestants’ demands are based.

Radicalization is visible in the atitude of the people protesting in France, but violent extremism could still be avoid if appropriate measures are taken by both sides.


Kemi Seba…, back to the roots: “Getting prepared according to the journey”

He is young, appears committed and determined in his struggle and in a dream that many leaders before him have fed. He seems to be the one who will carry part of this prophecy to term and valiantly wears it out in a determination and an enthusiasm that defies many circumstances. he has decided not only to tackle the CFA franc symbol head on, but he is working hard to bring down this system, which is a major obstacle to the development of the countries that use it in Africa according to some French and African economists and experts. it is now very clear that his vision goes beyond dealing with the FCFA, and the question is how far is he preparing to go?

kémi SEBA seems immersed in a deep vision of Africa, in an unheard of communication with its identity and a burning desire to become more rooted given the journey he has undertaken and the path he has taken. it is in this perspective that he makes a descent to the origins, to the source of his Dahomeian culture: “Who goes far enough gets prepared! “.

stelio CAPO-CHICHI said Kemi Seba was on Saturday, March 16, 2019 in Savalou, land of his origins where he met with the King of Savalou, Dadah Gandjègni Awoyo GBAGUIDI 14. A meeting that has certainly allowed the president of the NGO Panafrican Urgences to revive his zeal and receive the blessings that fit. the worthy son of Savalou passed by the pantheon, site of the panafrican resistance an initiative of the late King TOSSOH GBAGUIDI 13. A tribute was paid to the mainland’s sons who sacrificed themselves for the liberation of the African peoples. without omitting to step in the family household. He engaged therefore in a “Back to the roots” carried out in a dimension that no one could describe with perspicacity except himself. However, he is now affirmed and strengthened in his identity and role. only a follow-up on the journey of this young African leader will allow us to witness the ins and outs of his fight for Africa.
This is not just about kemi Seba, it’s about this wonderful African youth that is overflowing from East to West, North to South, millions of young people full of potential and hungry for greatness for this continent. we are talking about leaders who are beginning to become more aware of their responsibilities, given the demands of the people today, and under the guidance of the “contemporary prophets of the African vision” such as Professor Patrick L.O. Lumumba and USTAARABU promoted by Mr. Prost DJENONTIN, people that we hope to have the privilege of introducing you.
Benin Republic as a country is provided with extraordinary men,
Africa as continent is more than the cradle of humanity, it is the “heart” of the world;
the world is a blessing for Africa!

COTMUN 2019: Citizen Diplomacy is a duty…

The Cotonou Model United Nations organized by the Benin Yali Alumni Association and the US Embassy in Benin Republic was quite educative for many participants, and an opportunity for many young people to develop professional and personal relationship. Experienced communicators who have mastered their subjects perfectly enabled the participants, including me to clearly define the main streams of the various issues to be addressed during committee work.

the work in committees went on well, with an impressive capacity of appropriation of delegate roles, especially within ECOSOC where I worked, research and work continued late in the night, sometimes at breakfast or at dinner, moved by the desire to produce excellent work such as the two draft resolutions that were finally voted by the General Assembly without much struggles. It is therefore fitting to pay tribute to the very dynamic representative of Mali (Victory AHEHEHINNOU), the sound representatives of Mexico (Elvis ADJAHOUNGBA) and the Phillipines (Belvida TIOMON BOCO), without clouding the representatives of Venezuela (Thierry TCHANGOLE) and of Saudi Arabia (Gloria GANGNONTO), who were the direct collaborators of the Russia Federation that I proudly represented.

The most interesting aspect of this experience is the notion of “Citizen Diplomacy” introduced by Mr. Horace KOUGNIAZONDE, a concept full of meaning that deserves to be brought to the attention of all youth. The dexterity of the President of the General Assembly, Chimeie Judemary Udechukwu and his team, who brought a considerable professional touch to this event, must also be acknowledged.

the high involvement of all the participants, especially Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands, should be commended, as well as the organizers (the coordinator Benito Koupkohounsi, the expert Cleopatra KOUGNIAZONDE, and the US Embassy).

Special attention to participants from TOGO, MALI and BURKINA FASO without whom the international character of the event would not be effective.

Priviet !!

COTMUN 2019: la diplomatie Citoyenne est un devoir

Le Cotonou Model United Nations organisé par le Bénin Yali Alumni Association et l’Ambassade des USA au Bénin fut un cadre éducatif pour bien de participants, et une occasion pour plusieurs jeunes de tisser des liens de collaboration aussi bien professionnels que personnels. Des communicateurs expérimentés et maitrisant parfaitement leurs sujets ont permis au participants dont je fais partie de bien cerner les contours des différentes problématiques à aborder lors des travaux en commissions.

Les travaux en commissions se sont bien déroulés, avec une capacité d’appropriation des rôles de délégués impressionnante , surtout au niveau de l’ECOSOC oú j’ai travaillé, les recherches et travaux se sont poursuivis tard dans la nuit, parfois aussi bien au petit déjeuner qu’au dîner, animés du profond désir de produire un travail excellent au niveau des deux résolutions qui finalement sont passés à l’Assemblée générale comme des “mails électroniques via gmail”. Il convient donc de rendre hommage au très dynamique représentant du Mali (Victory AHEHEHINNOU), au perspicace représentants du Mexique (Elvis ADJAHOUNGBA) et des Phillipines ( Belvida TIOMON BOCO) , sans oublier les représentants du Vénézuela ( Thierry TCHANGOLE) et de l’Arabie Saoudite (Gloria GANGNONTO), qui étaient les collaborateurs directs de la Russie que j’ai représenté avec joie.

La donne la plus intéressante de cette expérience est bien la notion de “Diplomatie Citoyenne” introduite par monsieur Horace KOUGNIAZONDE, une notion pleine de sens qui mérite d’être portée a la connaissance de toute la jeunesse. Il faut également souligner la dextérité du président de l’Assemblée Générale Chimezie Judemary Udechukwu et de son équipe qui ont apporté une touche professionnelle considérable à cet évènement.

Il faut saluer la vive implication de tous les participants particulièrement l’Arabie Saoudite et les Pays-bas , au même titre que les organisateurs ( le coordonnateur Bénito koupkohounsi; l’experte Cléopâtre KOUGNIAZONDE, et l’ambassade des USA).

Une attention particulière aux participants venus du TOGO, MALI et BURKINA FASO sans qui le caractère international de l’évènement ne serait pas effectif. PRIVIET!!

Kemi Seba…, et l’Arbre plongea ses racines jusqu’à la source: “Qui va loin ménage sa monture”

Il est jeune, apparait engagé et déterminé dans sa lutte et dans un rêve que bien de leaders avant lui ont nourri. Il semble être celui qui portera une partie de cette prophétie à terme et s’y atèle vaillamment dans une détermination et un enthousiasme qui défie bien de circonstances. Il a décidé non seulement de s’attaquer frontalement au symbole du franc CFA, mais il travaille de tout cœur à faire tomber ce système qui s’avère un frein considérable pour le développement des pays qui l’utilisent en Afrique selon un bon nombre d’économistes et d’experts français et africains. Il est aujourd’hui très clair que sa vision va au-delà de la libération du joug du FCFA, et la question c’est jusqu’où se prépare-t-il à aller ?

Kémi SEBA semble plongé dans une vision profonde de l’Afrique, dans une communication inouie avec son identité et un désir ardent de s’enraciner davantage compte tenu du voyage qu’il a entrepris et du chemin qu’il empreinte. C’est dans cette perspective qu’il effectue une descente aux origines, à la source de sa culture Dahôméenne : « Qui va loin ménage sa monture ! ».

Stelio CAPO-CHICHI dit Kemi Seba était le samedi 16 Mars 2019 à Savalou, terre de ses origines où il s’est entretenu avec le roi de Savalou, Dadah Gandjègni Awoyo GBAGUIDI 14. Des échanges qui ont permis certainement au président de l’ONG Urgences Panafricanistes de raviver ses ardeurs et de recevoir les bénédictions qui s’y prêtent. Le digne fils de Savalou fit un passage sur le site du panthéon de la resistance panafricaine qui doit son existence au défunt Roi TOSSOH GBAGUIDI 13. Un hommage a été rendu aux fils du continent qui se sont sacrifiés pour la libération des peuples africains. Sans omettre de prendre par la maison familiale, voilà le retour à la source effectuée dans une dimension que nul ne saurait décrire avec perspicacité si ce n’est lui même. Toutefois, le voilà maintenant affirmé et affermi dans son identité et son rôle. Seul un suivi du parcours de ce jeune leader africain nous permettra d’être témoin des tenants et aboutissants de son combat pour l’Afrique.
Il n’est pas question ici seulement de kemi Seba, il s’agit de cette merveilleuse jeunesse africaine qui regorge de l’Est à l’Ouest, du Nord au Sud, de millions de jeunes remplis de potentiels et qui sont affamés de grandeur pour ce continent. Il est question des leaders qui commencent à prendre davantage conscience de leurs responsabilités vu l’exigence qu’en font les peuples aujourd’hui, et sous l’orientation des « prophètes contemporains de la vison africaine » comme le Professeur Patrick L.O. Lumumba et USTAARABU de Monsieur Prost DJENONTIN que nous espérons avoir le privilège de vous introduire.
Le Bénin comme pays est pourvu d’Hommes extraordinaires,
L’Afrique comme continent est plus que le berceau de l’humanité, c’est le « Cœur » du monde ;
Le monde est une bénédiction pour l’Afrique !