COTMUN 2019: Citizen Diplomacy is a duty…

The Cotonou Model United Nations organized by the Benin Yali Alumni Association and the US Embassy in Benin Republic was quite educative for many participants, and an opportunity for many young people to develop professional and personal relationship. Experienced communicators who have mastered their subjects perfectly enabled the participants, including me to clearly define the main streams of the various issues to be addressed during committee work.

the work in committees went on well, with an impressive capacity of appropriation of delegate roles, especially within ECOSOC where I worked, research and work continued late in the night, sometimes at breakfast or at dinner, moved by the desire to produce excellent work such as the two draft resolutions that were finally voted by the General Assembly without much struggles. It is therefore fitting to pay tribute to the very dynamic representative of Mali (Victory AHEHEHINNOU), the sound representatives of Mexico (Elvis ADJAHOUNGBA) and the Phillipines (Belvida TIOMON BOCO), without clouding the representatives of Venezuela (Thierry TCHANGOLE) and of Saudi Arabia (Gloria GANGNONTO), who were the direct collaborators of the Russia Federation that I proudly represented.

The most interesting aspect of this experience is the notion of “Citizen Diplomacy” introduced by Mr. Horace KOUGNIAZONDE, a concept full of meaning that deserves to be brought to the attention of all youth. The dexterity of the President of the General Assembly, Chimeie Judemary Udechukwu and his team, who brought a considerable professional touch to this event, must also be acknowledged.

the high involvement of all the participants, especially Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands, should be commended, as well as the organizers (the coordinator Benito Koupkohounsi, the expert Cleopatra KOUGNIAZONDE, and the US Embassy).

Special attention to participants from TOGO, MALI and BURKINA FASO without whom the international character of the event would not be effective.

Priviet !!


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