Kemi Seba…, back to the roots: “Getting prepared according to the journey”

He is young, appears committed and determined in his struggle and in a dream that many leaders before him have fed. He seems to be the one who will carry part of this prophecy to term and valiantly wears it out in a determination and an enthusiasm that defies many circumstances. he has decided not only to tackle the CFA franc symbol head on, but he is working hard to bring down this system, which is a major obstacle to the development of the countries that use it in Africa according to some French and African economists and experts. it is now very clear that his vision goes beyond dealing with the FCFA, and the question is how far is he preparing to go?

kémi SEBA seems immersed in a deep vision of Africa, in an unheard of communication with its identity and a burning desire to become more rooted given the journey he has undertaken and the path he has taken. it is in this perspective that he makes a descent to the origins, to the source of his Dahomeian culture: “Who goes far enough gets prepared! “.

stelio CAPO-CHICHI said Kemi Seba was on Saturday, March 16, 2019 in Savalou, land of his origins where he met with the King of Savalou, Dadah Gandjègni Awoyo GBAGUIDI 14. A meeting that has certainly allowed the president of the NGO Panafrican Urgences to revive his zeal and receive the blessings that fit. the worthy son of Savalou passed by the pantheon, site of the panafrican resistance an initiative of the late King TOSSOH GBAGUIDI 13. A tribute was paid to the mainland’s sons who sacrificed themselves for the liberation of the African peoples. without omitting to step in the family household. He engaged therefore in a “Back to the roots” carried out in a dimension that no one could describe with perspicacity except himself. However, he is now affirmed and strengthened in his identity and role. only a follow-up on the journey of this young African leader will allow us to witness the ins and outs of his fight for Africa.
This is not just about kemi Seba, it’s about this wonderful African youth that is overflowing from East to West, North to South, millions of young people full of potential and hungry for greatness for this continent. we are talking about leaders who are beginning to become more aware of their responsibilities, given the demands of the people today, and under the guidance of the “contemporary prophets of the African vision” such as Professor Patrick L.O. Lumumba and USTAARABU promoted by Mr. Prost DJENONTIN, people that we hope to have the privilege of introducing you.
Benin Republic as a country is provided with extraordinary men,
Africa as continent is more than the cradle of humanity, it is the “heart” of the world;
the world is a blessing for Africa!


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